Rock Solid Diamonds

Rock Solid Diamonds is born from a belief that the protection of universal human rights, environmental sustainability and societies benefiting from economic activities around them are values to be nurtured and promoted for the benefit of all. By innovative use of blockchain technology, we are able to trace your diamond through its lifetime journey, supporting these values.

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The Rock Solid Diamonds Journey

Rock Solid Diamonds is a unique brand that captures your diamond's journey from the moment of discovery to the special day when it becomes yours. Each stage of your diamond’s journey can be viewed in a provenance report, like a historical ledger, from its origin as a rough all the way to the certification stage and into your hands.

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The origin of your diamond is one steeped in history, taking millions of years to form. It has been extracted from the earth by a company committed to giving back to nature.

Choosing the rough

Each rough diamond is analyzed and selected by a rough assortment expert. Your rough stone is assigned a Unique Identification (UID) profile which captures the DNA unique to your diamond.

Planning The Diamond

Diamond planning experts carefully examine the rough stone and plan what each Rock Solid Diamonds will be inside. Each rough diamond is different and therefore, each polished diamond will be as unique as the rough stone it was polished from.

Laser cutting the rough

A precise and powerful laser beam is then set on the planned markings removing the undesired inclusions. These are then sent to the faceting department.

Diamond Polishing

An artisan facets the rough diamond bringing to life the uneven piece of carbon. This creates the right set of angles and proportions to yield a brilliant looking diamond, which is then re-coded onto the blockchain.

Diamond grading

An independent gemological expert will grade the diamond and issue a Rock Solid Diamonds Grading Report, which acts as the diamond’s passport. It is a record of every unique feature of your diamond.

Why is the provenance of diamonds important for you?